T Rex Dino

T Rex Dino

About T Rex Dino

Player: 150 plays

T Rex Dino is a game which most of the players and internet users are familiar with. Playing this game has never been a voluntary choice, as it only becomes available when you lose internet connection. But now, you can enjoy the unending journey of the Rex without the need to sabotage your connection. Pack your bags, and get ready to travel to the prehistoric era!

The mighty T-Rex may have short arms, but it can run great distances, at least in this game. The objective of the game is to keep your Rex running as long as you can by avoiding different obstacles. We doubt that a real-life T-Rex could jump, but the one in this game can! To start playing, press the SPACE BAR key. Your dino will start running immediately. The prehistoric landscape offers a variety of challenges for our big and energetic character. From cactus plants to other dinosaurs, everything will try to stop the morning jog of your character. You can press the SPACE BAR key to jump over these obstacles, but be careful about your timing. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see your current and high score. You gain points as you run. Crashing into an obstacle will kill your dino, so try your best to avoid them. How far can you run?

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PlayJolt.com developed T Rex Dino.

Release Date

August 27, 2018


  • 2D graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • An endless level
  • Intuitive controls


Press the SPACE BAR to make your dino jump over the obstacles.

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