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Video sharing platforms have become a profitable business choice for many people, and you should join them with a very addictive clicker game, Tube Clicker. Are you ready to create an army of followers and earn money for page views? Manage your Tube account, make deals with apps, and increase your views. Earn money from the views then sit back and enjoy as your little business turns into a moneymaker.

Clicker games have simple gameplay that offers lots of fun as you patiently improve your business. Such is the case with Tube Clicker, a great example of the genre. The competition in video sharing platforms is fierce! Only the most interesting videos will capture the attention of an audience and turn them into your followers. Your followers are the most important part of your Tube career because they are the ones who provide views for your videos. Gaining followers is not easy and uploading interesting videos might not be effective in attracting new followers as quickly as you would like. As you earn money, you should invest in social media apps that will attract dozens of followers and increase your views. You have a total of nine apps at your disposal. But keep in mind that reputation is everything in this business, so you can only have access to a single one at the start of your Tube career. As you gain views, your popularity will increase, and you will attract more followers to your page. This is the only way to unlock and purchase new apps for your account. These apps provide auto views for your videos, so after a while, you can sit back and watch as your views, followers, and money grow. You can use the money you earn to upgrade your apps, which will increase the number of views the apps provide for you even more!

The world of likes, views, and followers requires constant attention, but as the biggest Tuber, you needn’t worry about it. Managing a social media page is one thing. Try your hand at managing a hotel in Habbo Clicker next!


Tube Clicker is developed by Cangrejo Ideas.


  • 9 different apps to unlock and use
  • Colorful graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Addictive gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game.

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