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Viking Pub

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In Viking Pub, you better be quick and serve these two ravenous Vikings food before they get even more hungry and thirsty if that’s even possible! Do you think you can be quick enough and serve both your customers well?

These Vikings have just come back from a long journey and are so hungry that you can hear their stomachs’ growling from ten feet away. In this game, your objective is to serve tasty beef and refreshing meads to these Vikings. One of them is standing on your left and the other one on your right. One of the Vikings wants beef while the other one wants mead. You need to make sure you don’t mess up their orders. Look at the order that is coming up and serve it to the Viking that wants it. You can check the order that’s ready by looking at the top of the pub owner’s head. To serve the order, press either the left arrow key or the right arrow key, depending on the Viking that wants that order. Their wishes are endless so try to serve as many orders as you can. If you mess up the orders, they will puke all over the place. You also need to be fast and keep an eye on the time by looking at the top of the screen. Try to serve as many orders as you can to unlock new items that you can use in your pub. Good luck!

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Revan Games developed Viking Pub.


  • New items to unlock
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


Press the left arrow key to serve food to the Viking on the left. Press the right arrow key to serve food to the Viking on the right.

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