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Who Was Who

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Test your celebrity knowledge in Who Was Who! Do you consider yourself a fan when it comes to knowing anything about celebrities? Do you think you have eyes like a hawk? You shouldn’t be so sure before challenging yourself with this game. Are you that much of a detective to match these old childhood photographs with their owners’ present-day photos?

Get ready to use your face recognition skills to match these cute childhood photographs with their older versions! These are famous people whose faces you have most likely seen before. So, you are lucky that you are familiar with these photographs. If you are a pop culture fan, now you can challenge yourself to see if you can determine who was who. Still, you may be somewhat away from pop culture. If so, you should still test out your ability to successfully assign characters to people. After all, these are cute childhood photos, but you don’t know whose photos those are. You need to depend on your intuitive skills and need to pick little details such as eye color or nose shape. Some things never change, and we all carry something from our childhood into our older ages. So, be prepared to solve this addictive and different puzzle by matching 3 pairs of photos in each round correctly.

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OneTwoPlay BV developed Who Was Who.

Release Date
November 16, 2021

• Interesting celebrity photographs
• Multiple levels to complete
• Need for guess
• Addictive gameplay

You can use your mouse to match the photographs.

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