Winter Mahjong

Winter Mahjong

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Are you ready to feel the warmth of Christmas with Winter Mahjong? Christmas is on the corner, and everywhere will soon be painted red and green. Our favorite season is on its way, and we can’t get enough of neither the Christmas decorations nor the lovely Christmas carols. So, get ready to feel the real Christmas spirit with this classical mahjong game.

Like in classical mahjong, here you are given a set of tiles. What you should do with these tiles is that you should pair the tiles with the same drawings. In this cozy mahjong game, you have snowflakes, reindeers, Christmas candles, mistletoes, gift boxes, and Christmas stockings accompanying you. You should match two tiles with the same drawing and pop them out of the block. Soon, you won’t have any tiles and will pass the level. When you’re cleaning the table off the tiles, you should pair tiles that have no other tiles between them. Even if the two tiles are not adjacent ones, they should be free at least on one suitable side so that you can see a line forming between them. You have a timer on the top of the screen where you can check your remaining time. When you have limited time, sometimes you may need help. That help may come from the shuffle button and the hint button, both of which you can use two times. So, relax and get your mouse in your hand. Enjoy a classic with a warm Christmas carol playing as the game music and try to finish the game.

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Wanted 5 Games B.V. developed Winter Mahjong.

Release Date
November 17, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• Calming gameplay
• Christmas carol playing
• Intuitive skills
• Christmas theme

You can use your mouse to click on the tiles to pair them.

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