Wonderful High Heels 3D

Wonderful High Heels 3D

About Wonderful High Heels 3D

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Wonderful High Heels 3D does not just teach you how to walk on high heels, it teaches you how to walk with 3 feet of heels on a construction high above the city while it’s full of obstacles! It also helps you with your math skills; a rare combination of high-fashion and calculation.

Beauty never comes free. It requires sacrifice, and some people pay a heavy price. You get to pay it by walking on a narrow track above clouds with heels that seem like they never stop growing. That’s not all, there will be obstacles higher than you, and the only way to pass them is using the help of heels even taller than them. The track is split into pieces by metal pipes that connect them, and yes, you walk on them too. You can even do a split and slide through them if there are two parallel pipes. That’s called situation management and using what you got efficiently. At the end of every track, you get tested once more, expected to climb six steps of stairs, losing a unit of heels at every step. You can attend a Halloween party only if you can reach the top, but no worries; you can always throw your own party if you can’t make it to the top.

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wey.game developed Wonderful High Heels 3D.

Release Date

February 25, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Easy to play

Skins to unlock

Funny and challenging gameplay

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to control the character.

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