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Squid Shooter

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In Squid Shooter, it is time to join the battle with the Squid army! Choose your weapon, protect yourself, avoid cash grenades and dodge the blows! Are you ready to destroy them all? Then let’s jump into the game and see if you can beat them or not! Good luck!

Squid Game is here again with a brand-new adventure! Take charge of your Sniper gun and destroy the moving players! It is now in your hands to destroy the eliminated players with an accurate hit! Join the battle against the army of Squid. Choose one of the 18 weapons available. Defend yourself from the attack of players and guards. Avoid cash grenades and coffins. Avoid the crowbar, ax, and knife attacks. Using a grenade launcher and a bazooka, destroy huge dolls. Machine guns, handguns, and a shotgun are used to kill them. Destroy each and every one of them! Good luck!

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GoGoMan developed Squid Shooter.

Release Date

December 31, 2021


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Variety of weapons
  • Driving music and excellent sound effects


Mouse – look around WASD – movement W + Shift – Run Space – jump Left Mouse Button – Shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) – Aim Mouse Wheel – Next / Previous Weapon 1-7 – weapon hotkeys R – reload F – knife attack 1 Q – knife attack 2 G – throw a grenade T – inspect weapon E – remove / remove weapon

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