Smiling Glass 2

Smiling Glass 2

About Smiling Glass 2

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Make a glass happy in Smiling Glass 2! This cute little glass has one need, and it is very sşmple. It needs to be useful for the purpose of its existence. Can you now help it to be the happy glass it is meant to be?

This is a chill and fun little game with twenty levels. When you begin the game, we guarantee you that you will want to complete all the characters all at once. Each level in this game will present you with a puzzle kind of level. So, what you are expected is to crack the case in each of these puzzles to find a way to fill the glass. There will be a source of water at each level that will pour water when you click on the screen. Choose the right time or point to pour the water according to the tunnels provided by the puzzle-like level. When you pour the water above the limit shown on the cute glass, it will be happy and then smile!

If you enjoyed cracking the puzzles at each level for a given objective, you can check out Home Pipe Water Puzzle for a similar game with equally amazing gameplay!


OkyGames developed Smiling Glass 2.

Release Date

March 28, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Interesting and fun gameplay

20 levels


You can click left on the mouse to let water pour from the source.

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