Ski Rush 3D

Ski Rush 3D

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Show everyone the queen of snowy roads in Ski Rush 3D! As a passionate skier, you have seen many roads and parkours that include various difficulties. Now, this parkour is the one to prove your best skills. Are you ready for a ride?

In this fun 3D game, you will be playing as a successful skier and a passionate young woman. You will have a long parkour in front of you through the levels. What you need is to be careful about the various obstacles that will be on your way. Sometimes it will be a block that you need to dodge or sometimes it will be a tiny bridge you need to pass over. You can adjust your ski set and your legs according to these obstacles. Make sure to spread your legs just as much as you need not to fall. In the end, when you get over the obstacles, you will have successfully passed the level, earning some money you can spend on unlocking new skins and skates. Let’s see how successful you will be!

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BPTop developed Ski Rush 3D.

Release Date

March 22, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Need for sudden player control

• Skins and skates to unlock

• Addictive gameplay


You can slide the cursor left and right to adjust the legs of the character.

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