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Shot Shot

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Wtih Shot Shot, you can enjoy your favorite arcade game while sitting on your couch! Feeling bored at home? If so, what about testing your eye and hand coordination skills with ultimate fun? We have an amazing challenge that you can also see at game arcades. You will throw the balls in the baskets and get lots of points! We don’t have any tickets to give you, but we promise various rewards and new ball skins! Let’s get the game started now!

It’s time to shoot some goals! Shot Shot is an exciting arcade game that you may be familiar with if you have ever been to game arcades. We bet you have seen a game machine with a basket and multiple balls to test your aiming skills and learn lots of points. Normally, these machines give you tickets to gain toys. But in this one, you will unlock new ball skins with your earnings. What you’ll do is to shoot the balls into the basket as fast as possible. You have a time limit to reach your target number of shoots. If you can’t reach the target number when the time ends, you lose the game and start from the first level. As you proceed, the difficulty of the game will increase as well. Have fun!

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BPTop developed Shot Shot.

Release Date

October 5, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Several challenging levels to complete
  • Various ball skins to unlock
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


You can use the touch controls or your mouse to play this game.

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