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Santa Rescue

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Save Santa and get on the good people list in Santa Rescue! Santa has always been there for you since your childhood. Now, you have the chance to rescue him and win his favor. All you must do is save him. Do you think you can achieve this important task?

In this game, you will see Santa trapped in many kinds of places. He will be waiting for someone to come and save him mostly from behind some walls. Within those walls will be some different kind of system that holds lava, water, and presents all apart from each other. This being said, the integrity of this system all depends on your single touch on the pins that hold them apart. This means, if you want to set some rain on the lava to turn it into rocks, you can pull the pin that holds the water, etc. So, you need to build strong strategies to eliminate things that can harm Santa. Eventually, your aim is to make Santa touch the gift boxes. There are thirty levels to pass. If you can manage to let Santa get the Christmas present boxes by solving the puzzles of the levels, you are good to go. Let’s try to pass all the levels now!

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Pro_Gaming developed Santa Rescue.

Release Date
December 09, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Easy and relaxing gameplay
Puzzle to solve at each level
• Intuitive controls
• 30 levels

You can use the mouse of your computer or the touch screen of your mobile device to move the pins.

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