Running Santa

Running Santa

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Santa is running non-stop in Running Santa, and you can accompany him on his journey. There are hundreds of gift boxes that wait for Santa, and he is kind of in a hurry. So, help him find the best way to deal with this platform now!

This journey of Santa is a very fun one. In this platform game, all you need is to run away from one side to the other. You don’t even need to boost Santa because he will be running with all his strength when he starts on his way. What you can help him with is to jump over some obstacles you will see on the way. Sharp knives, rocks, and gaps between the platforms are all the things that you need to make Santa jump over. The game consists basically of this reflex. If you fail to have him jump at the right time, you will fail and need to restart the level. Sometimes, though, there will also be helpers like the trampoline that makes you jump higher or the booster that makes you run faster. So, get the best out of these helpers, too. There are 21 levels for you to have fun alongside a person no other than Santa Clause himself. Collect the gift boxes, help Santa get through the obstacles and try to complete all 21 levels!

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kidsgamesplay developed Running Santa.

Release Date
December 17, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Intuitive skills
Christmas theme
• 21 levels
• Calming and addictive gameplay

You can use the up key or the left-click to jump.

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