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Royal Guards

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Protect your magic forest in Royal Guards! You have one of the most precious things at hand that is your magic forest. Now it is being invaded by cruel monsters. As the courageous elf you are, you can single-handedly save your forest! Are you ready for this holy mission?

No one can get into the Great Forest, especially not the savage enemies of the Light! So, you are there to save the sacred lands as the greatest archer of the kingdom. Everyone looks up to you and trusts you. So, now try to take down all the enemies one by one with your arch and arrows. You will see your arrows automatically shot at the enemies, so all you need is to aim well. Choose the difficulty level and set the power of the enemies. You can have better ignition, more poison, or curse if you wish. Make use of your points well and give in your all to stop the hordes of the unholy creatures! Are you ready to become a hero?

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Elite Games Ltd developed Royal Guards.

Release Date

February 15, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Need for aiming and shooting skills

Skills to upgrade

Intuitive controls


You can use the left-click to shoot and aim at the enemies.

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