Rolling Halloween

Rolling Halloween

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With Rolling Halloween, get ready for an amazing 3D Halloween adventure! Become a pumpkin and roll the world! You must watch out for the evil trees, though. They can even bury you alive if you hit any of them. Try to be calm and move very carefully. Jump when you see a tomb of a criminal. How to know that the tomb belongs to someone evil? They all are! Dodge the obstacles and find your way through the dark. That is all it takes to complete this game. Are you courageous enough? Let’s find it out!

Have you ever thought of becoming a creepy pumpkin? Even if you haven’t, start doing now! Even the pumpkins are mortal, though. You have a limited of lives to spend here. You must be careful! The objective of this fun Halloween game is to survive as long as you can. With all the evil trees and merciless obstacles, it can be a difficult objective to complete. Don’t worry! You can collect the skulls and regain your lives. Collect the magnets to get all the necessary items at once. Use your left and right arrows to change your direction. Use the up arrow to jump over the tombs and the other short obstacles. You have an endless way ahead! You’d better start your journey now!

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Developer developed Rolling Halloween.

Release Date

October 20, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Endless rolling journey to enjoy
  • Collecting boosters
  • Fun and addictive gameplay with a Halloween theme


Use the right and left arrows to go right and left. Use the up arrow to jump. You can also use the touch controls to play.

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