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In Rodeo Stampede, it’s time to unleash your inner cowboy! This world is a wild place and there are so many animals to catch. But when you’re out in the wild, these animals don’t stand a chance. Do you wanna know why? Because you’re the wild. Are you ready to capture buffalos, zebras, and other wild beasts to expand your zoo?

Get ready to step into the boots of this rodeo cowboy and catch the animals that roam freely. When you’re armed with your lasso, nothing can stop you! So, put on your cowboy hat, get your lasso and watch these animals flee before you. Are you ready? Let’s go! Yeehaw! Your objective is to tame as many animals as you can and expand your zoo. To catch them, you need to hold the left mouse button and when you are close enough to the animal, release the button to jump and press the left mouse button again to capture them. You need to ride on the backs of zebras, elephants, and buffalos in order to tame them. When you catch them, you can build a habitat and upgrade it, so people can visit your zoo and you can make more money. You can also make money by completing your daily tasks. With the money, you can buy a new map and new animals. After the zoo, you can click on the start button to play again. Before we go, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget. If you hit another animal or an obstacle when you’re trying to capture them, game’s over. Good luck!

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Developer developed Rodeo Stampede.

Release Date

February 03, 2021


  • Many different animals to catch
  • Fun gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Many customization options


Use your mouse to play this game.

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