Rabbids Volcano Panic

Rabbids Volcano Panic

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In Rabbids Volcano Panic, the floor is literally lava, and there is no way to escape it. This game will take you on a journey from the clouds to the fiery center of the earth. It’s going to burn a little, but who can help this little puffy cutie better than you? Don’t get too comfortable though; the lava part is real.

Yes, you can’t escape the inevitable fall, but you can delay it. It would be easier if it was just you in the arena, but you will compete against eleven other people from all around the world. Staying humble will not help you survive, so don’t feel bad about others falling as you are trying to be the last one standing. Our mission is to ignore the burns on our feet and keep running until everyone else dies. Not staying on one tile for long is important because the tiles stepped on collapse and leave a hole behind. 6 floors may seem like a lot, but you will not believe how fast these levels collapse with 12 panicked bunnies running on them non-stop. Collect gold to unlock skins later, and grab any dice you can to get boosts like a speed-up or tile-healing feet. Even if you don’t have any gold, you can unlock some skins by watching short ads, so don’t lose your hope and glow up with a new costume!

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Ubisoft developed Rabbids Volcano Panic.

Release Date

February 14, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Detailed character design

More than 25 skins to unlock

Mode events


Use your mouse or arrow keys to move.

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