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Puzzle Block

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Puzzle Block does not start easy, but it gets harder with every level! These cutely designed simple puzzle shapes are more trouble than they seem. You have eighty levels of increasing challenge ahead of you, but don’t worry, because you get infinite chances to try despite all the hardship. The point is to stay calm and enjoy the cute colors.

This puzzle combines the basic skills of shape recognition and planning. You are given the outlines of a shape, and some puzzle pieces to fill that shape without leaving any space. You can have a maximum of three pieces ready for your use and more as silhouettes upon the puzzle. The simple rule of the puzzle and the lack of distractions make the game easy to focus while proving how confusing puzzles can get even with the right environment. It’s common to get stuck frequently, if that happens, just give yourself ten seconds to look away from your screen and start over, as changing your point of view can have a critical effect. Try to put everything together in your mind, including the incoming pieces on the top, before making a move. You won’t believe how quickly your brain will adapt!

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RedFoc developed Puzzle Block.

Release Date

February 8, 2022


Cute and colorful theme

Improving shape recognition skills

Easy to play

80 levels

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to hold and place the shapes.

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