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Puppy Jump

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Feel the cuteness to your bones with Puppy Jump! Are you a dog person? If yes, then this game will take you to the edge of fluffy happiness. Lean back and be ready to rest your mind with this game. It is full of cuteness but still, the task you are given is a tricky one. Are you ready to be overloaded with cuteness yet still challenge your limits of intuitive skills?

The most adorable little puppies are here to help you play this cute but challenging game. There are endless floors of platforms that you have to climb. As a matter of fact, you must climb these platforms very quickly. Because you have a limited time, you need to pass to the nearest platform on your top left or top right as rapidly as possible. Still, simply stepping up is not enough. When you set yourself on a track and start jumping the platforms above very quickly, you may fall into some traps. Some platforms are very fragile and will break when you jump on them, some platforms disappear and appear again, and you can’t trust them. Shortly, you need to aim at solid platforms when jumping upwards and it is not as easy as you think when you are jumping that fast. You can get some extra time and extra points by jumping on the platforms with an hourglass or metal cup, too. Let’s choose your puppy among many cute options to unlock and see how high you can go within the time limit!

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MarketJS developed Puppy Jump.

Release Date
November 10, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Cute puppies to unlock
• Addictive gameplay
• Enjoyable music to accompany you

You can use the arrow keys or the mouse of your computer by clicking slightly left or slightly right on the screen to move your puppy to the platform on top left or top right.

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