Princess Rivalry

Princess Rivalry

About Princess Rivalry

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Make the best fashion choices and see who wins in Princess Rivalry! These two princesses were once best friends. That was until they started liking the same guy. Friendship always comes first but now they are in a little rivalry! Can you help them solve this case?

Here, you are with your two beautiful princess friends. You witnessed how huffy they have become, so you want to solve this problem. These two girls both want to look like their most beautiful selves with all the make-up and the best clothes. They think the one to look better will get the attention! But there’s one problem. Although they have the best clothes and accessories in their wardrobes, they need your help to choose what to wear. So, handle the situation and dress up your both friends. We can only see then if this prince charming will be interested in this situation! Are you excited about the possible outcomes you may create?

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Top Girl Games developed Princess Rivalry.

Release Date

October 18, 2021


2D colorful graphics

Two princesses in rivalry to dress up

Variety of clothes and accessories

Fun gameplay

Narration of the princesses


You can use your mouse to choose options.

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