Princess Beauty Salon

Princess Beauty Salon

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With Princess Beauty Salon, you have an important night to plan! For the big party, our princess needs your help to get ready. Who else can be helping her when there is such an excellent stylist as you is here? This preparation process includes three parts as skincare, makeup, and dress-up. Get your styling tools ready and jump into this fashion show in no time!

The best nights require extra care. Even princesses normally don’t exaggerate their looks when it comes to daily activities. But this night… This night she must look amazing. She needs your professional help to achieve so. In this fun game, you are going to take care of this princess in 3 stages. The first one is the skincare process. Apply the best face masks and creams to her face so that her skin will look flawless. The second part is the make-up part. Fun isn’t it!? Start with choosing the best option for each category. You can see the options at the bottom of the game screen. Click on the arrow situated right side of the options to move on to the last stage. The final stage is the dress-up part! Click on each category and select the best option. The night never goes so well without accessories. So, don’t ever forget about them! She looks perfect, great job out there!

Now, another princess needs your help, as we heard. If you want to help her for her own wedding, then be sure to click on Princess Wedding Drama by clicking here.


JulGames developed Princess Beauty Salon.

Release Date

July 1, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 2 stages to complete
  • Cute backstory to enjoy
  • Fun gameplay


You can use your mouse or finger to play this game.

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