Pixel Art Challenge

Pixel Art Challenge

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Jump into the colorful world of pixels in Pixel Art Challenge! Are you ready to get in touch with your inner artist? Now, you can unleash your tech-geek side and unite it with the artist in you! Let off steam and enjoy this calm, creative game!

This game has the best selection of drawings to color when it comes to what to work with. You can enjoy a rocket, a cute little heart, and whatnot in this fun coloring game. The best part is that you can choose from different levels of difficulty. This means you can go over a scheme or freely draw by looking at the sample. Plus, you can now choose from a variety of different coloring styles. Classic pixel art, lego look, or sketch look are just some of them. Now, enjoy 90 beautifully crafted drawings and soothe yourself while focusing on the coloring task!

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DiHits developed Pixel Art Challenge.

Release Date

March 28, 2022


Colorful pixel graphics

Multiple drawings to color

Intuitive controls

Different types of coloring styles

Variety of difficulty levels

Fun and relaxing gameplay


You can use the mouse of your computer to choose the pixels to color and the slide with your cursor for fast coloring mode.

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