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Penalty Kick Wiz

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Kick with all your power in Penalty Kick Wiz! Here we are standing in the middle of a huge arena. Everyone is holding their breath because their two favorite teams are having a match. Are you ready to be a great player and win for your team?

You are a part of the national team but today you have a single aim. Rather than having a full-on match, you are expected to kick for the penalties. Choose your country when you begin the game. You need to unlock some countries with the points you earn, though. Upon choosing your team, you can start the penalty session. You will take turns with your rival. This means you will be trying to hit a goal one turn and try to save the ball the other turn. Try to click on the left-click when the aim spot is between the goal post to hit a goal. Also, click on the aim spot at the right time to stop your rival from having a score. Let’s see if you can write history with your football game!

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Physical Form developed Penalty Kick Wiz.

Release Date

March 16, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Many countries to choose as a team

Countries to unlock

Addictive gameplay


You can click on the aim spot to hit the ball or to save the ball from your rival.

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