Paw Patrol Air Controller

Paw Patrol Air Controller

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In Paw Patrol Air Controller, you have serious tasks to save the Volcano Island and finish the game! If you are ready, an exciting journey is waiting for you. Help our little heroes fly safely to Volcano Island and stop the volcanic eruption. If not, all the villages and forests will be destroyed. There are some tiny little obstacles on the way to make you slow down. Make sure they reach the volcano on time by avoiding these obstacles. Good luck with this big mission!

A dangerous journey is waiting for you in Paw Patrol Air Controller. Let’s see if you will be able to finish the 3 stages and stop the volcano from erupting. You have 2 co-pilots, Rubble and Marshall to help you complete the mission. Fly the air controller carefully in the first stage. You will see stormy clouds, birds, and similar obstacles that can slow you down. Use your keys to avoid them and collect as many treats as you can because your co-pilots will need energy for the following missions! Because of the panic in the forests, the monkeys are so hungry. Help Marshall to collect the bananas and give them to the hungry monkeys. In the third stage, help Rubble collect the rocks and avoid the obstacles, of course! If he cannot have enough rocks, you won’t be able to fill the hole in the volcano and, the eruption will be inevitable! The destiny of the island is in your hands!

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  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • 3 different games in one gameplay
  • Animal involved skill game
  • Skill improving


Use up and down arrow to move. Right arrow to go faster. Space button to do tricks.

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