Stick War: New Age

Stick War: New Age

About Stick War: New Age

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Run to your victory in Stick War: New Age! A new world of adventure awaits you in this 2D stickman game. Get your guns blazing and get ready to shoot your enemies one by one to go on this exciting adventure!

You are playing as a jiggly-moving stickman that is running towards his freedom. You need to overcome the obstacles that are coming on your way one by one. These obstacles may be a hill to climb, sharp thorns that fall before you, killer balls, and whatnot. As jiggly as you move, you can still manage running your way towards freedom. On the way, there will be many dangerous enemies, too. You should shoot your enemies without being shot. Simply click where you want to aim, and you’ll be shooting sharply with your gun. These guns of yours change at each level and become more powerful with each successful level. Try to get the advantage of the checkpoints, which will let you start from that point as many times as you wish if you fail the level! Now, grab your guns and jump into this adventurous action game!

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Hihoy developed Stick War: New Age.

Release Date

January 11, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Multiple levels

Intuitive controls

Exciting gameplay and interesting platform!


You can use the mouse to shoot the character’s gun and the arrow keys to control the character.

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