Mental Hospital Escape

Mental Hospital Escape

About Mental Hospital Escape

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Escape from where you’re trapped in Mental Hospital Escape! You made the mistake of sleeping somewhere you are not familiar with, and you were taken into the middle of nowhere. Now, you are trapped in a mental hospital as a hostage. Can you escape for your life?

You will have to get your mindset right to escape this hospital and be free again. There has been a mistake, but they are denying this mistake and refusing to get you out. So, what you need is to protect yourself at all costs and attack the right people with the right force. You have a very good plan in your mind, but it may be a little hard to prosecute that plan. So, use the chances at hand wisely and make use of the objects you collect. You will unlock many doors, attack some doctors, and go through a lot of things. Are you ready to earn back your freedom?

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Mad Buffer developed Mental Hospital Escape.

Release Date

February 24, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Assistive tips available

• Challenging puzzles

• Engaging plot


You can left-click on options to choose them.

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