KOGAMA Adopt Children and Form Your Family

KOGAMA Adopt Children and Form Your Family

About KOGAMA Adopt Children and Form Your Family

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In KOGAMA Adopt Children and Form Your Family, the world is at your feet. You can do everything that you want here in this world since you are in complete control. Everything is just a click away and nothing is unreachable! Are you ready to discover the world of Kogama?

Welcome to this colorful world where nothing is impossible. Are you getting bored at home thinking about all the things you could possibly be doing outside? Say no more! We bring this game to you so you can enjoy your time at home and be a part of a different world! There are a lot of things to do at this world, so you better get started now! First, you can get a car or a motorcycle to discover what this world holds. You can build your own house or buy a house. Don’t you have enough money to buy one? Just visit the bank to get some money. We told you nothing is unreachable! You can even visit the orphanage or adopt a pet to start your own family. All this and many more things await you in this fun game! Just start playing now and discover all the possibilities. Have fun playing!

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KoGaMa developed KOGAMA Adopt Children and Form Your Family.

Release Date

June 25, 2019.


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Many places to discover
  • Nice 3D graphics


You can use WASD keys to move around. Press Space bar to jump. K to respawn. E to equip.

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