Helix Fruit Jump

Helix Fruit Jump

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Feel the juiciness with Helix Fruit Jump! There’s a bouncy ball and it has to find its way to the bottom of the spiral tower. Are you ready to accompany the ball through many levels and many towers to jump through?

In this addictive game, you are presented with a whole new kind of platform to pass through. Here, we have a spiral tower with many floors. Also, the balls and platforms are juicy fruits in this new version! In this spiral tower, there are some gaps on each floor. When you start on the first platform on the first floor, you need to find the gap to let the ball fall down. This needs a little care because the gap at each platform is on a different part of the floor, and you need to rotate the ball around the spiral tower. When you click on the left-click, you can rotate the tower. Try not to hit the different colored parts on each floor since it will cause you to fail the level. Unless you hit those forbidden parts and find your way through the gaps, you are okay. Plus, if you get a series of gaps at the same side one after the other, you can break the upcoming platform, too! Now, let’s get to work and see how many levels you will pass!

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Rokito Games developed Helix Fruit Jump.

Release Date

January 12, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Challenging gameplay

Intuitive controls

Multiple platforms with various skins


You can use the left-click to hold and rotate the ball around the spiral tower.

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