Handstand Run

Handstand Run

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Put your head on the ground and your feet in the air in Handstand Run! Many people would think a handstand is something really hard to do. But in fact, you can walk and even run in a handstand! Let’s see how good you can do these now!

This 3D game lets you compete in a weird competition. You have one rival and your aim is to reach the finish line before your rival. If you can walk through the platform before the rival, you will successfully pass the level. The platform has ups and downs that you need to walk over fast. But don’t forget that you are walking on a handstand. You can always adjust the positioning of your legs to be faster or slower. Also, make sure not to lose your balance and fall over. Now, let’s see if you can manage to be a champion in this weird competition!

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Nevar Games developed Pokey Stick.

Release Date

March 31, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Multiple levels to complete

Intuitive skills

Soothing game experience

Addictive gameplay


You can click left on your mouse and then release your character to fly as fast and high as you can.

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