Hydro Storm 2

Hydro Storm 2

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Take part in a breathtaking adventure in Hydro Storm 2. A set of dangerous races wait for you, and you must do your best to be one of the leaders in these jet ski races. Unstoppable waves will lead you to deserted arenas of an apocalyptic future. All your rivals are the best when it comes to riding jet skis for their lives and you have no other option but to be one of the bests to survive. Are you ready to feel the breeze all across your body and ride your jet ski as you’ve never before?

Get on your jet ski and prepare yourself. The road is full of hazardous blockages, and you need to stay away from them to survive. There are eight of you trying to survive and you are behind the seven rivals. Do what you can to get to the front lines. Try to get to know each turn and each obstacle by heart. So, you can ride faster and faster against the waves. In this apocalyptic place from the future, there is no law whatsoever. You are all left by yourself to protect your life. Try your best to finish the rounds among the first four riders to move on to other parkours. Metro mayhem, harboring destruction, ship cemetery, and many other deserted areas wait for you to complete your races. Use your WASD or arrow keys to rotate your jet ski. Don’t forget to check all those powerful jet skis you can unlock. Enjoy the life-like motion of waves and try not to be seasick when you are storming with your jet ski!

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Xform developed Hydro Storm 2.

Release Date
November 10, 2021

3D realistic graphics
• Parkours to unlock
• Realistic riding motion
• Jet skis to unlock

You can use the WASD keys or arrow keys of your computer to move the jet ski.

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