Garbage Rampage

Garbage Rampage

About Garbage Rampage

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Make the city a cleaner place in Garbage Rampage! Your job has always been overlooked, but when you do not do your job in the best way, everyone suffers. Now, are you ready to do what you do the best to save everyone?

You are driving your garbage truck, and that’s the only thing on your mind. When you’re driving your truck, you have some vital objectives. One of those is to drive your truck so carefully that you won’t hit anywhere. The other aim will be to collect all the garbage bags from the road. The road you’re taking is a messy one, and that is your job to separate objects that may harm your truck from the garbage bags you need to collect. With each garbage bag you collect, you will earn money, and with each object, you bump into, you will be wearing out your truck. If your maintenance bar drains out, you will fail. But you can always upgrade the strength, supply, handling, and extras of your truck for better work!

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Developer developed Garbage Rampage.

Release Date

March 16, 2022


3D realistic graphics

• Interactive road to drive through

Truck features to upgrade

• Easy controls


You can use the A and D or left and right arrow keys besides clicking the left and right of the screen to tilt the automatically accelerating truck left and right.

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