Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

About Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

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Create your own bandit and dive into an adventure in Gangster Hero Grand Simulator! This is a dangerous city, and you need to become a little bit of a bandit to save yourself! Now, get your guns and run fast! Can you save your life and survive in this city?

In this exciting game with great 3D graphics, you will have the chance to begin the adventure by developing your own character in terms of looks. Upon buying your weapon, you will be sent to the streets. There will be people attacking you who you will need to attack back in return. Also, don’t forget that you will be earning money with each successful shot! With that money, you can upgrade your vehicles, weapons, and character, too! Now, discover every possible corner in this grand city created for you with the best graphics and show everyone who the real gangster is!

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Driving games developed Gangster Hero Grand Simulator.

Release Date

March 04, 2022


• 3D realistic graphics

• Guns and vehicles to unlock

Simulation shooter game

• Engaging game map and city graphics


You can use the WASD keys to move, the C key to change the camera, the F key to enter or exit the cars, the space key to jump, and the left click to shoot.

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