Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

About Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

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Become the commander of the universe in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter! Take a step toward the biggest responsibility of your life. You need to sharpen your defense skills and use the finest of your weapons for this mission. So, get ready for a blast!

This is a shooting game set in space. You will be taken to the vast emptiness of outer space to shoot for your life! As a single space-shooter, you need to fight against the majority of the space shuttles in the space. Sometimes, there will be tens of space shuttles ready to attack you, so what you need is to be brave and try to attack them all at once. Keep your weapons running and position yourself wisely to be sure that you stay away from the shootings of the enemy. Time passes, and with each wave of enemies you eliminate, you will be passing on to new rounds. Just collect the upgrades for better and bigger space shuttles and fight for your freedom in space!

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Abigames Studio developed Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Release Date

March 28, 2028


• 2D colorful graphics

• Spaceships to collect ad upgrade to

• Waves of enemies coming

• Multiple levels


You can use the mouse of your computer to aim and shoot.

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