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FNaF Shooter

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Let the brave fighter in you help you survive in FNaF Shooter! You had a nice plan of shopping a little and going back home but you did the wrong thing of ignoring the last call and got trapped at the shopping mall. There’s something bad about this situation and it is that you need to fight for survival now!

No one imagines that being locked in a shopping mall would be bad. The reason why no one guesses something bad is no one ever sees those who got trapped there late at night again. The truth is that the vicious electronic mascots come alive each night and hunt down the remaining shoppers there! Now you have to end this vicious circle and take down all the huge, monstrous electronic bears one by one. You have a helping map at the right upper corner of the screen. Take a look at the map to track the enemies’ locations. Don’t forget that you need to protect yourself and always aim at the heads of the Robo-monsters to tear them completely apart!

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GoGoMan developed FNaF Shooter.

Release Date

March 08, 2022


Spooky 3D graphics

Weapons to unlock

A large and engaging game map

Scary and spooky atmosphere

Assistive map to show the location of the monsters


You can use the WASD keys to move, your cursor to see around, and the left click of your mouse to shoot.

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