Find Unique Xmas Tree

Find Unique Xmas Tree

About Find Unique Xmas Tree

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Can you find the different Christmas trees in Find Unique Xmas Tree? You must trust your eyes and your detail-hunting skills to complete all the levels in this fun game. Now, rest your eyes a little and get ready to find the unique Christmas tree among the others.

In this game, you will be given a group of Christmas trees at each level. Your aim will be to find the tree that is one of a kind among the other trees all with an identical pair. This may seem easy to achieve since there are only a bunch of trees on the table. Still, you shouldn’t forget that there’s a time limit. You should find the Christmas tree standing there without a pair in a limited time. More, you should be aware that you lose points each second that you pass thinking. The number of points you will lose each second is different at each level. But this is for sure that the levels get increasingly harder with more similar trees around. Now, prepare your eyes to see like a hawk and find the unique trees as fast as you can to get as many points as possible!

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Lof Games developed Find Unique Xmas Tree.

Release Date
December 06, 2021

• Beautiful Christmas trees
• Many levels to complete
• Intuitive controls
• Limited time
• Addictive gameplay

You can use your mouse to choose the unique tree.

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