Final Countdown

Final Countdown

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In Final Countdown, the competition is as heated as a hot summer day, so you should be prepared to face other players. Take control of your character and challenge your opponents as the countdown continues to see which one is the most persistent enough to be the winner of this addictive game.

Take your place on the platform and be prepared to show your rival that you’ll be the winner of this competition. Your objective in this game is to push your opponent off the platform to win the game. To begin the game, click on the start button on the main menu. After you join a game, you can use your arrow keys to move around the platform you’re on. Run towards your opponent to bump into them to try to push them. Keep your eyes on the tiles on the platform too! Each one has a countdown on them and once they reach 0, they’ll open and cause you to fall down if you’re on them. You can collect an elixir to increase your size and power. You win the round when the other player falls, and you can advance to the next level. Keep your eyes on your opponent, watch your back, and try to complete as many rounds as you can! Have fun and good luck!

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Enrich Games developed Final Countdown.

Release Date

April 16, 2020


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Entertaining and challenging online multiplayer gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Different levels to play


Use your arrow keys to move your character around the platform.

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