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In Ev.io, get ready to shoot up your enemies. This futuristic world is where your fate will be decided. Are you going to destroy everyone who dares to cross your path or let them kill you and fall into darkness? The choice is yours. Let’s play now and find out which path you choose!

Do you hear that? The sound of gunfire, off in the distance? Just follow that sound and go where the fight is thickest. The only thing your enemies will see before they die will be you holding the gun to their faces. In this game, your objective is to have more kills than the other players before the timer ends. Just start discovering the place and keep an eye out for your enemies. They can be anywhere! When you see one, shoot until there’s nothing left of them! Yeah, now they will flee before you! If you want, you can also use the right mouse button to aim and score a headshot! When you are running around, you can find ammo and different guns to use. Pick them up to make this fight more interesting. You can choose to play against players from all over the world or choose the private mode and play against your friends. Have fun playing!

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Addicting Games developed Ev.io.

Release Date

January 27, 2021.


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Different weapon choices
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls


Use WASD keys to move around. Left mouse button to shoot. Right mouse button to aim. C to crouch. Space bar to jump. Q, G, F to use special weapons.

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