Elllie Get Ready with Me 2

Elllie Get Ready with Me 2

About Elllie Get Ready with Me 2

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Help Ellie to be the most beautiful girl around in Ellie Get Ready With Me 2! It’s yet another day that Ellie needs you to help her. She has magnificent clothes and make-up products, but she is kind of not in the mood to create her best look. So, can you help her bring out the beauty she has?

In this game, you are welcomed into Ellie’s daily life. Like all of us, she doesn’t look flawless when she just wakes up. With her pimples and natural hair, she needs you to glam up. So, start this six-step journey and show Ellie how she can underline her beauty with a new style. First, you need to clean and straighten her hair. Following that, you will need to have a basic self-care routine with Ellie where her dimples and any little flow will disappear. The fun part comes after these two steps. In the following four steps you will have the chance to dye and style Ellie’s hair, paint her nails, do her manicure and dress her up. She will have a unique and beautiful look after all your help, so now get ready to be her styler and be proud of the result!

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Top Girl Games developed Ellie Get Ready With Me 2.

Release Date
December 03, 2021

Colorful graphics
Variety of clothes and accessories
Unique styles
Fun gameplay

You can use your mouse to choose options.

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