Ellie Get Ready with Me

Ellie Get Ready with Me

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In Ellie Get Ready with Me, Ellie needs your help to shoot her vlog for her popular channel! Let’s jump into the game and learn this fashionista’s secrets to a flawless look each day! If you are ready to reveal her secret to her subscribers, let’s shoot this video! Have fun and good luck!

Ellie has a vlog channel that has millions of followers and she always gets asked how she looks so fab minutes after she wakes up! So today, she invites you to Get Ready with Me and discover her secrets! The first thing after she wakes up is refreshing and moisturizing her skin! Then she goes on with makeup to highlight her features. Can you help to wear her makeup? If your answer is yes, click on the screen apply the makeup one by one by using your mouse. You should start with the foundation, and then go on with her eyebrows, eyelashes, cheekbones, and lips. After her makeup is done, you should style her hair with heat tools. But don’t forget to brush it before starting! And finally, you can choose her outfit for the day! That’s all she does to look fabulous every day! Don’t forget to share her final look on social media! Well done!

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Top Girl Games developed Ellie Get Ready with Me.

Release Date

November 15, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • 3 steps to complete


You can use your left mouse button to play this game.

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