Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

About Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

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Are you ready to do mad stunts in Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour? You are a well-known biker, but more importantly, you make crazy stunt moves. Everyone watches you in awe when you are showing off your fancy moves. So, now get on your motorbike and prove how good of a biker you are once again!

In this game, you have a series of realistic road maps. In deserted and dangerous areas, you need to get on narrow platforms, jump high on the sky, do air flips to get across the platforms, and so on. The best side is that you can earn coins with the cool stunt moves you do. Your main goal is to finish the road at each level as fast as you can. Thus, you can always keep an eye on the chronometer you see on the top right of the screen. To better ride your bike and complete the roads faster, you can upgrade your speed and tilt with your coins. What is better is that you can also unlock new motorbikes with the in-game coins you earned. When you successfully complete one level, you will see that new levels with new storylines will be unlocked, too. So, now get on the bike, drive carefully, and see as many levels as fast as you can!

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Hihoy developed Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour.

Release Date
December 14, 2021

3D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels
• Customizable vehicle features
• Motorcycles to unlock
• Addictive roadmaps to drive through

You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to ride the motorbike.

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