Deep Sea Life Escape

Deep Sea Life Escape

About Deep Sea Life Escape

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In Deep Sea Life Escape, your little submarine is trapped underwater! So, lets get some help from the fishes to go up with the almighty Trident! How much distance do you think you can cover with your impecible aiming and shooting skills?

Every legend says so; the trident has the power to rule over the seas! And it’s a good thing you have one with you. Because youre stuck in a submarine under the deep sea, youll need every help you can get. So this means, you’re gonna have to summon all the fishes! Simply click or tap and on the screen and hold to rotate your trident. And release it to summon a fish. Then with that momentum, try to cover as much distance as possible. When you start to fall down, simply click and summon another one! A little tip; try to act quick because if you summon a fish in mid-jump, you’ll just stay on the same spot. The higher you go, the more scores you get! Do whatever it takes to see the sunlight again!

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SUCCESS Corporation has developed Deep Sea Life Escape.

Release Date

October 2, 2020


  • Colorful cartoon-like graphics
  • Many fish to see and discover
  • Intuitive controls
  • Easy, single-click gameplay


You only need your mouse to play!

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