Christmas Trucks Hidden Bells

Christmas Trucks Hidden Bells

About Christmas Trucks Hidden Bells

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Become the master of bells in Christmas Trucks Hidden Bells! Christmas is on the corner, and everyone is so excited about it. We can’t seem to stop talking about how cozy it is. But the thing is Christmas spirit doesn’t always need to make you feel cozy. You can find it everywhere! So, it means you can find it in a truck garage, too! But can you find all the bells hidden in those garages?

This fun game brings something new. Our jingle bells are hidden in garages with huge trucks or in front of houses with Christmas decorations. At each level, there’s another scenery with a different setting. Your aim at each level is to find the 10 hidden bells in the pictures. These hidden bells are actually standing in the middle of the picture clearly. But the tricky part is that they are transparent, and you need to look carefully to see them. For each level, you have 40 seconds, and you are expected to discover the places of the 10 bells within that time limit. Be careful not to randomly click anywhere because several wrong clicks in a row take 5 seconds from your precious time. Now, open your hawk’s eyes and try to find all the bells in all 8 levels.

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Fun Best Games developed Christmas Trucks Hidden Bells.

Release Date

December 14, 2021


Colorful graphics

8 levels to complete

Intuitive controls

Christmas and New Year’s theme!

Jingle Bells playing in the background


You can use the mouse of your computer to click on the bells that you found.

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