Christmas Tiles

Christmas Tiles

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Player: 154 plays

Christmas spirit is all over the world, so you should feel it more with Christmas Tiles! If there’s anything we love more than Christmas, it is feeling the Christmas spirit more with fun games! Now, are you ready to show your skills with such a game that will keep you playing for hours?

We all love puzzle games. And just when we can’t get enough of things with Christmas spirit, puzzle games with more and more Christmas coziness come for our help. In this puzzle game, you are supposed to clear the table off the tiles. These tiles we are talking about are all the cutest little blocks with reindeer, penguins, and snowmen. There are two layers of 153 tiles in this game. When you see more than two identical tiles next to each other, you can click on them. This way, the identical tiles will disappear. When the two tiles in a pile disappear, the rows move down and there will be no tiles eventually. But if you fail to eliminate all the tiles on the table, be informed that you have the chance to use the snowflake bonus given to you. These snowflake bonuses will let you eliminate the tile you click on immediately. Also, feel free to use the tips to give you an idea of the best move to make by clicking on the tile with a lightbulb. Now, try to solve this puzzle and clear the table off all the tiles!

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MathNook developed Christmas Tiles.

Release Date

December 10, 2021


Colorful graphics

Intuitive controls

Multiple levels to complete

Jingle Bells playing in the background

Christmas and New Year’s theme!


You can use the left-click on the groups of identical tiles.

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