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Brick Surfer

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In Brick Surfer, pack your bags, the road awaits! But this time, the roads will be quite different than the ones you remember. Are you ready to set out on an adventurous journey and unleash your inner surfer?

In this arcade running game, it’s time to hit the road. After all, with the blue skies and big adventures ahead, there’s no place that we would rather be. If you’re ready to take this journey to the next level and surf in the sky, we better start playing now! Click on the left mouse button and hold it to control your character. Your objective is to reach the finish line and complete all the levels. But the roads are very dangerous and to reach the finish line, you’ll need to build roads out of the bricks you can see on the platforms. Use these bricks to create a safe path between the platforms and run across the sky. Our hero can’t walk on air, after all. He didn’t learn that trick just yet! When you are running, you’ll see many obstacles on the road. Don’t hit any of them or you’ll lose some of the bricks. The sky is also full of wonders. You can find diamonds on the platforms. Be sure to pick them up to buy new skins. When you reach the finish line, it’s time to surf in the sky! Reach the line with as many bricks as you can, and once there, click on the screen as fast as you can to earn more diamonds. Have fun!

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YAD.Com developed Brick Surfer.

Release Date

January 22, 2021


  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Many levels to complete
  • Nice graphics
  • New bricks to buy


Use your mouse to play this game.

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