Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square

Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square

About Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square

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Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square invites you to challenge your survival skills as well as your patience! In this crazy neon tower, how high can you go? You are just a tiny little square who wants to save the pineapple. This adventure can be too big for your body but not for your heart! That is why you are the chosen one to control the square. If you are ready now, let’s see what is waiting for you here!

Can you hear the pineapple screaming “HELP!”? You must find it before it is too late. In this fun and amazing adventure game, your objective is to reach the pineapple by descending the floors of this huge neon tower. It is not gonna be easy, not gonna lie. Hold on to your very courage and dodge all the obstacles trying to stop you. You’ll see little question boxes on the way. They will warn you of specific obstacles that you’ll face. Read the warnings and proceed accordingly. Watch out for the red beams, electric wires, and triangles. They can make you regret that you have stepped into this mission. Pass through the checkpoints to respawn from where you left. You can track your remaining lives from the right top of the game screen. Control your character by using the keyboard. Have fun!

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EO Interactive Ltd. developed Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square.

Release Date

August 3, 2021


  • 2D neon graphics
  • A high tower to climb
  • Fun backstory
  • Entertaining and engaging gameplay


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys for PC controls. Use the touch controls on mobile.

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