Chrome Dino

Chrome Dino

About Chrome Dino

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This T-Rex is really brave and he can run incredibly fast. Will you be able to keep him out of trouble in Chrome Dino?

You may have played similar versions of this endless running game that have titles like NO INTERNET GAME and T-Rex Game. In this one, you’ll get to enjoy retro graphics while you lead the T-Rex through a desert full of danger. Help him leap over any cactus he encounters while he dodges a few low-flying birds that are determined to ruin his whole day!

If this whole thing seems a little familiar, you may have come across a very similar and equally dashing dinosaur when you use Google Chrome and try to access a website when you don’t have an internet connection. See how long you can keep this one moving in this thrilling dinosaur game!

How to Play Chrome Dino?

The goal of this action game is to keep a dinosaur running for as long as possible while he comes across various hazards in a dangerous desert.

Game Controls


  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate the menu.
  • LEFT CLICK to start the game.


  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to make the dinosaur jump.

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