Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run

Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run

About Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run

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One of the world’s greatest and most famous soccer players is taking his skills to the streets! You can tag along with him in Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run.

Whether you call it soccer or football, you’ll love this exciting sports game. Team up with Ronaldo while he runs, jumps, and kicks his way through a chaotic city. He’s trying to collect as many coins as he can find while he tries to keep moving for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, everything from iron gates to cars will keep getting in his way. A group of dastardly defenders has also apparently followed him. They’ll do everything they can to stop Ronaldo in his tracks!

Ronaldo has faced down the greatest athletes of all time, has won tons of trophies, and has scored hundreds of goals over the course of his epic career. However, the Portuguese superstar has never taken on a challenge quite like this one. He’s definitely going to need your help during what’s sure to be an amazing adventure!

How to Play Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run?

Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run is an endless running game that will put you in the shoes of Ronaldo himself! Dash through the city as quickly as you can while you dodge various hazards, gather coins, and use your awesome kicking skills to knock down various barriers.

Game Controls


  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to jump.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to go right.
  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to go left.
  • PRESS THE DOWN ARROW to slide.


  • LEFT CLICK to use Ronaldo’s extraordinary kicking skills to knock down a barrier.

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Can I Play Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run on Mobile?

Absolutely! You can download it via both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Who Developed Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run?

Ronaldo: Kick ‘n’ Run was created by 5th Planet Games via Kiloo.

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