About Corona

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The battle to save the planet has begun in this io game! Fight to prevent both humanity and the world economy from plunging into darkness, despair, and endless quarantines in Corona

Take control of an experimental virus that’s just been injected into an infected patient. Hunt down any infectious agents you spot, but watch out for the viruses controlled by other players. You can destroy them, but they can also destroy you! There’s daily bonuses along with different modes and challenges to try out as well. 

How to Play Corona 

Corona is a multiplayer io game where you control an experimental virus that can cure the coronavirus. Use its nose to ram into any infectious agents or the viruses controlled by other players. 

Game Controls 


  • USE THE MOUSE to steer your virus. 


  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to speed up or ram another virus. 

Similar Games 

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Who Developed Corona 

Corona was created by Great Games.

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